Wedding Chaperone

Have an experienced dog walker escort your dog to your wedding, keeping them calm and happy whilst they take part in your ceremony or pop in for some photos, then take them back to a home environment where they can relax and stay the night.

Standard Wedding Chaperone Package

đź’•Initial meeting at my home, you can see where your dog would be sleeping and we can discuss your requirements, I can meet your dog and your dog can meet me and my dog

đź’•Sleep over in a home environment the night before the wedding

đź’•Have a morning walk and burn some energy

💕Be washed, blow dried, brushed and dressed with an accessory  should you choose to have one

đź’•Transported to venue within an hour of Malmesbury

đź’•Chaperoned for approximately an hour, whilst photos are taken. I will work to keep your dog as calm as possible in a new environment with lots of people using toys, treats and walking the grounds. We will wait in the wings hopping in and out of photos as required.

đź’•Transported back to my house for some quiet time, then another walk

đź’•Sleep over then ready to collect the next afternoon

This service starts at ÂŁ200 and can be tailored to your needs.

This service really can be tailored to your day and your needs! Contact me to discuss your ideas and get a quote. Here are some further options:

💕 Chaperoning through the ceremony or the whole day. Me and your dog can stand or be seated where you’d like us. I can hand the lead over to someone else and wait in the wings should your dog need to take some fresh air.

đź’• I can transport your dog to the ceremony and hand the lead over and leave your dog in someone else’s care and return for them at an agreed time. This might be all day or just a few hours.

đź’• Attending a dress rehearsal or visiting the venue with you to walk through plans can also be arranged.

đź’• Instead of drop off and collection from my house, I can collect your dog from your home

đź’• We can be part of the guest meeting and greeting before the bridal party arrives or mingle during your drinks reception.

I like to be familiar with your dog before the big day, we may arrange some walks, daycares or overnight stays so we can get to know each other. The more we know each other the better, we can discuss what would be best and what would suit you at an initial meeting.