I am now operating fairly normally but with added hygiene measures.

For walks – I sanitise my hands before and after entering every household. I barely enter households, mostly open the door, take one step in to secure the dog to my lead and head straight out again. I use my own leads which I disinfect after each use. Dogs are wiped down with a wet cloth before getting in the car and when they arrive home. If a towel is required I use my own, a clean one for each dog and wash after each use.

For boarding- as well as the above procedures, there is a reduced packing list so as few objects as possible are brought with you. Dependent on where you live I may suggest hand over is easier at your house and I will come collect and drop off your dog.

Let’s go Walkies is a dog care business based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire run by myself, Becca Adkins. I provide a dog walking service in Malmesbury. I do 30 minute, 45 minute and 1 hour walks in groups of up to 4. I also offer home boarding, where your dog stays in my home whilst you are away on a weekend trip or holiday. This is an alternative service to kennels where dogs stay in a much more familiar and comfortable home environment, they can even sleep on the sofa! Your dog would come to stay with me, my partner and my dog Dotty. Dotty is a lab x cocker, young and full of enthusiasm she loves giving warm welcomes to humans and dogs alike.

I have a license for home boarding with Wiltshire Council, my licence number is LN/000015214 and my home gets inspected every 2 years as well as having a ‘surprise’ inspection somewhere in between. I have 3 stars on my licence. Full pet business insurance is held including public liability and I am canine first aid trained.

I normally walk dogs in small groups of 4 in rural locations away from roads, allowing dogs to be safely let off the lead and run around, sniff and explore an interesting and stimulating environment. I am very flexible as regards to size and breeds of dogs as well as any disabilities or health issues they may have.

How does it work?

Once you have decided on a service, use my contact page to let me know what type of service you are looking for and the name, age, breed, gender and neutering status of your dog. We will then set up a meeting where I can meet your dog and go through some paper work. This consists of behaviour questions and permission forms.