Data Protection

Privacy Notice

Data collected will consist of your name, address, mobile/home/work phone number, email and an emergency contact. I may also collect and store data on your dog or other pet, about their health, registered vets, microchip number, vaccination record, behaviour and routines.

This information will be collected as part of a face-to-face initial meeting. It may have been in-part collected though how you have started initial communications with me.

This data will be used to arrange services and keep you up dated as to how services are going. I may occasionally use your data to contact you for feedback.

I will be the only person with access to your personal data. It will only be shared with a vet during emergency situations. It will not be shared with any third parties.

You may have access to the data I hold on you at any time. You have the right to request your data be deleted or destroyed. Your data will be securely stored whilst you are an ongoing customer. It will be destroyed after services are cancelled with no view to returning or after one year of no communication or services.

If you have a complaint about how I use your data please contact me and we shall try resolve the issue. You can also request the contact details of the supervising authority.