Dog Boarding

Dog boarding is great if you are going away and can’t take your dog with you. Your dog can come and stay in a comfortable home environment, where they will get two walks a day, lots of play time, plenty of fuss and cosy spots to snooze. It is a great alternative to kennels if you are going away on holiday.

Dogs have the run of downstairs, with a large lounge and conservatory and a fairly small but enclosed garden. They will have 2 walks a day of 30 minutes to 1 hour dependant on energy levels. I am licensed by Wiltshire Council to have up to 4 dogs in the house, this includes my own dog, so we welcome up to 3 guest dogs at a time. It is just myself, my partner Mike and my dog Dotty living here, there are no children.

My young dog Dotty is a Labrador X Cocker Spaniel. She is very affectionate towards humans and dogs. She loves to play chasing and wrestling games with her friends if they are offered. She is also savvy with dogs that want to be left alone, first hint of a growl and she’s rolling over showing her belly. If dogs give her no attention she will also leave them alone, allowing them to continue their nap on the sofa.

On a weekday I still have regular dog walks to do around lunch time, so dogs that are boarding may come with me for one or more walks and will not be left home alone, but on busier days I may have to leave a dog at home alone for up to 2 hours whilst I go out and walk other dogs. If I know I need to leave a dog at home I make sure they are walked first so that have burnt some energy and are ready for a sleep and some quiet time. Dogs that need constant supervision, such as puppies and dogs that cannot be left alone at all due to high anxiety would not suit this set up.

On weekends we may treat ourselves to something a bit different like a trip to Westonbirt Arboretum, a walk to a country pub, exploring somewhere new or popping in on family.

I do require dogs to be up to date with vaccine boosters and I need proof of this with a vets certificate. They must also be up to date with flea, tick and worm preventative treatments and I need the date of last treatment.

It is preferred that dogs are neutered or spayed but not essential. Un-neutered males I find like to scent mark in my house, not all of them but if you think your dog might do this I will be unable to board them. On a trial stay if a dog scent marks in the house, I will not be able to accept them for further boarding. Un-spayed females, I cannot have a dog in season to board. I need to know when they last had a season, if they haven’t had one yet their age will have to be considered and when their first one may be. If there is any chance we may be getting close to a season I may have to refuse boarding.

Note – If you are a new client requesting boarding I will need to do a trial boarding to assess your dog and its behaviour in the house. It’s a chance for your dog to get to know me and my house before being left for a longer period of time. This will still be charged as normal.

Please contact me so that we can discuss your requirements.

Dog boarding £30 per 24 hours

10% discount for 7 days £189

15% discount for 10 days £255

20% discount for 14 days £336


2 Dogs £45 per 24 hours

10% discount for 7 days £283.50

15% discount for 10 days £382.50

20% discount for 14 days £504